IDS> Updated PWG HCD Health Assessment Attributed document

IDS> Updated PWG HCD Health Assessment Attributed document

IDS> Updated PWG HCD Health Assessment Attributed document

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Comments and/or Suggestion for the Document.


1.	Add definitions for the following

	a.	Resident Application
	b.	Downloadable Application

2.	For the Attributes HCD_Firmware_Version,
HCD_Downloadlable_Version, HCD_Resident_Application_Version; change the
second half of the sentence from "... and can uniquely describe..." to
"... and MUST uniquely describe"
3.	Under HCD_Downloadable_Application_Name and
HCD_Resident_Application_Name; move all of the content after the first
sentence of each attribute to the definition section.
4.	I do not understand the definition for the HCD_Name attribute.
Is this meant to be the 'user-friendly name"???
5.	There is a definition for "Applet" which seems to be distinct
from "Application" but there is no associated attributes for
downloadable/resident name/version/patches/enabled applets.  Should
these attributes be added or should the definition of application be
extended to include applets?   If the later is considered, then a simple
bit-field (boolean) attribute could be added to denoted the application
is an applet type.
6.	I suggest that Conformance statements be reworded such they use
one of the Conformance Terminology key words (MUST, SHALL, etc.).  In
most cases, it just means changing the current key words to
capitalization within the sentence.



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I have integrated the action items resulting from the last F2F meeting
discussion and review of the 

The updated documents are located at: 

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