IDS> Revised HCD-NAP Binding Document Available

IDS> Revised HCD-NAP Binding Document Available

IDS> Revised HCD-NAP Binding Document Available

Randy Turner rturner at
Thu Oct 16 01:44:21 EDT 2008

Hello Yoshimura-san and list,

Since the Microsoft SOH is one of two possible ways to carry  
attributes (the other being the pure TNC/NEA protocol), it seems like  
the IETF or TCG will have to provide
a mapping document to make sure that the two protocols are able to  
convey the attributes (and their corresponding datatypes) in an  
interoperable fashion.  Which means
there may be a "mapping document" like the one the IDS is working on  
that will be coming from "somewhere", possibly a separate document, or  
an informational appendix
in one of the two transport documents (MS-SOH or NEA )

Also, since the NEA working group did not reach consensus on the HCD  
CONFIGURATION STATE attribute, we will need to reserve a place for  
this in our own PWG/IDS
extensible attribute list that we should be building.  (These will  
have to be under the PWG SMI tree)

On the question of version numbers, a vendor can choose whatever  
method of version logic is required, just so it fits within the data  
types specified.  The only operational
requirement is that the "version logic" should allow a device to  
UNIQUELY express software module version numbers, and that these  
version numbers are UNIQUE-enough
to allow remediation - so the remediation system must understand the  
same vendor-specific version logic.

Because of the unique-ness requirement, if you only use the first 16  
octets of a version number, then these 16 octets MUST be unique across  
all past and future software
releases.  At least that's the only way I know to allow robust  

Best Regards,

On Oct 15, 2008, at 9:58 PM, Tomonari Yoshimura wrote:

> Dear PWG-IDS Members,
> We have read through "wd-ids-napsoh10-20081008.pdf" and
> would like to confirm the items listed below.
> Could you kindly let us know answers or comments on our questions ?
> Q1. Section 4.4 HCD Attribute Encoding
>  C. VALUE FIELD is fixed size (4octet) or variable size ?
>    2. SUB-TLV FIELD is fixed size (8bit) or variable size ?
> Q2. Section 4.6.4 HCD DOWNLOADABLE AP NAME SUB-TLV (Sub-Type = 7,  
> Sub-Length =variable)
>  2.Downloadable Application Name (4 octets)
>  We suppose the length of Downloadable Application Name should be  
> variable.
> Q3. Section 4.6.12  HCD CERTIFICATION STATE SUB-TLV  (Sub-Type =  
> 14,  Sub-Length = 4octets)
> In wd-idsattributes10-20081013, Section 4.1 General Attribute  
> Definitions
> HCD_Certification_State
> "Since it is being deferred to Phase 2 of the IDS definition process."
>  This attribute is not yet defined clearly and being deferred to  
> Phase2.
>  Could you let us know when this attribute will be defined ?
> Q4. 4.7.1  HCD CONFIGURATION STATE SUB-TLV  (Sub-Type = 15,  Sub- 
> Length = 4octets)
>   This attribute is not yet defined clearly.
>   Could you let us know when this attribute will be defined ?
> Q5. 4.6.1 HCD FIRMWARE VERSION SUB-TLV (Sub-Type = 5, Sub-Length =  
> 16 octets)
> 4.6.5 HCD DOWNLOADABLE AP VERSION SUB-TLV (Sub-Type = 8, Sub-Length  
> = 20 octets)
> 4.6.9 HCD RESIDENT AP VERSION SUB-TLV (Sub-Type = 11, Sub-Length =  
> 16 octets)
>    The format of VERSION is defined as fixed format.
> 	1. Major Version Number (4 octets)
> 	2. Minor Version Number (4 octets)
> 	3. Build Number (4 octets)
> 	4. Service Pack, Major Number (2 octets)
> 	5. Service Pack, Minor Number (2 octets)
>  However, some firmware or applications version numbers may not fit  
> to the specified format.
>  In such case, is it possible to apply the following rules ?
>  If the version number is longer than 16 octets, use only the first  
> 16 octets.
>  If the version number is shorter than 16 octets, the rest of data  
> are filled with 0x00.
> Thanks in Advance.
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> From: owner-ids at [mailto:owner-ids at] On Behalf Of Ron.Bergman at
> Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 2:26 AM
> To: ids at
> Subject: IDS> Revised HCD-NAP Binding Document Available
> The latest version can be found at:
>  (.doc)
> A version with the changes highlighted is also available at:
> We will discuss the changes and open issues at the Face to Face  
> meeting in Lexington.
> Items for discussion:
> 1.  The Conformance section (5) needs work.
> 2. Joe Murdock will provide information regarding the required NAP  
> protocols.

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