IDS> Comments on 10/23 documents

IDS> Comments on 10/23 documents

IDS> Comments on 10/23 documents

Dave Whitehead david at
Tue Nov 4 14:50:22 EST 2008


Here are my comments on the latest version of the documents:



Pg. 6, Other Terminology

      additional spaces in definition for Application

      need to add definition for CorrelationID

Pg. 6, Acronyms

      Dynamic Host *Configuration* Protocol

Pg. 7, Rationale

      Remove statement about personal firewalls.

Pg. 8, Section 4.1

      Will it really be in "Annex x" or a separate document.

Pg. 9, Attributes

      Need to add the string definitions for Version in Firmware,
Downloadable Application, and Resident Application.

      References to Numeric Version in [PA-TNC] should be 4.2.3, not 3.2.3.

      References to Port Filter in [PA-TNC] should be 4.2.6, not 3.2.6.

      Do we want to add verbiage to Firewall about only specify open/closed
ports with assumption that others are closed/open?  (Like NEA)

      HCD_Downloadable_Application_Name has:  " ... administrative or
maintenance offline update ..."  the word "offline" is out of place.

      Need to "keep together" on HCD_Certification_State

Pg. 10, Attributes

      HCD_Certification_State :     "Since it is being ..."  What does this
mean?  Need to remove.

      HCD_Configuration_State:      change "...include such items default
..."  to "... include such items as default ..."

Pg. 11, Conformance

      Need to add strings for Version and make the string and/or numeric
conditionally mandatory.


NAP Binding

      Lots of references to "null terminated UTF-8 string"   Need to know
if we need "null terminated"

Pg. 7, 4.2.2

      Add Compliance result codes (???)

Pg. 7, SMI

      Bit 24-31 should be set to 0.

Pg. 8, 4.5.3

      Length = 3 octets, but 32-bit value.

Pg.8, 4.5.4

      Only blocked or only open, but don't mix them.

Pg 8, 4.5.5

      Add references to Attributes document.

Pg. 9, Bits 8 through 32

      Bits are 0-31

Pg. 10, 4.6.8

      Need to add CorrelationID

Pg. 11, 4.6.15

      Specify the length is in bits.

Pg. 12, table

      Renumber Code and rename it Sub-Type Code




David H. Whitehead
Development Engineer
Lexmark International, Inc.

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