IDS> Oct Face-to-face Action Items -- overlooked?

IDS> Oct Face-to-face Action Items -- overlooked?

IDS> Oct Face-to-face Action Items -- overlooked?

Farrell, Lee Lee.Farrell at
Thu Nov 13 14:53:27 EST 2008

Hello everyone,

After our teleconference today, I noted from the October face-to-face
Minutes that a few Action Items had not been transferred to the November
6 teleconference Minutes -- and may have "slipped through the cracks."
It appears that some of the items about Microsoft may have been
enveloped in Dave's current set of questions to Microsoft in one of his
Action Items, but I'm not sure that they all were.

Also, I noted that the first Action Item (Randy's) that we discussed
today had been CLOSED at that meeting. Today we identified it as
"ongoing", but I wonder if the third Action Item below might be the more
appropriate one to reference instead.

For future discussion and resolution, the items are:

	ACTION:   Ron Bergman will send an email to Mike Fenelon and
Jerry Thrasher to query the issue about how to get NAP attributes
registered with Microsoft.

	ACTION:   Dave Whitehead will attempt to obtain answers from
Microsoft to the following questions:
	      *   Because there are multiple assessment protocols, is it
conceivable that multiple assessment protocols run simultaneously-with
each requiring independent (i.e., redundant) assessment?
		*   How does Microsoft envision the process for
		*   Does Microsoft have any plans for a gateway between
NAP and NEA?

	ACTION:	Randy Turner will try to find other contacts that would
be willing to work with the PWG to help deploy NEA health assessment.
(Juniper, Symantec, Cisco are suggested candidates.) Is someone willing
to sit down with the PWG and "have discussions"?

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