[IDS] NEA and HCD_Firmware_Name

[IDS] NEA and HCD_Firmware_Name

[IDS] NEA and HCD_Firmware_Name

Dave Whitehead dhw at insightbb.com
Wed Aug 19 14:00:10 UTC 2009

At the end of yesterday's IDS session there was a discussion on NEA and 
how the HCD_Firmware_* would contain OS information.  This is only 
indirectly true.  I think the firmware will have a manufacturer (and 
possibly customer) specific name.  The firmware incorporates various 
components -- OS and applications -- to provide the basic function of 
the device.

I don't think we want or need to get more specific for the initial 
release.  The firmware information can be used to insure only approved 
code levels are used. 

Any OS specific info that might be required would be known by the 
manufacturer (device).  We may need to enumerate these -- including no OS.


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