[IDS] Updated stable draft of IDS Common Log posted

[IDS] Updated stable draft of IDS Common Log posted

[IDS] Updated stable draft of IDS Common Log posted

Rizzo, Christopher Christopher.Rizzo at xerox.com
Wed May 13 16:36:50 UTC 2015

Another question regarding PWG 5110.3 has come up.

The NL parameter - I presume this specifies the language of the log and
not the language associated with the request that triggered the log entry
(ie - a JobCreated event for an IPP Create-Job request that specifies
attributes-natural-language != en).

If this does represent the language of the log, then do specific fields of
the log need to be in that language, and if so what fields?


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On 5/7/15, 6:19 AM, "Michael Sweet" <msweet at apple.com> wrote:

>I'll be posting an updated draft today with corrections.
>> On May 5, 2015, at 1:12 PM, Rizzo, Christopher
>><Christopher.Rizzo at xerox.com> wrote:
>> Michael,
>> My comments:
>> 1. I don't understand why, but per March 2009 RFC5424 Section 6. Syslog
>> Message Format there should be no space (SP) between Priority (PRI) and
>> Version (VERSION) in the header (HEADER).  So examples should be like:
>> "<66>1 ..." not "<66> 1 ...".
>Whoops, missed that...
>> 2. Line 286 - "SecurityInvalidAuthenticationService" is not defined in
>> section 5.1.2.  Do events not have to be selected from section 5.1.2?  I
>> also could not find it in prtAlertCodeTC in the IANA Printer MIB or in
>> 5107-3 (Printer Alerts).  But seems this line should be something like
>> E="<service>Authentication" S="ServerErrorServiceUnavailable" (picked
>> RFC2911 section 13.1) where maybe <service>=Print unless it is not a
>> requirement that events must be pre-defined.  Or do we add a Security
>> service to section 5.1.2?
>No, that was a hypothetical thing; changing it to "PrintInternalError"
>(and defining <service>InternalError in 5.1.2) to track internal
>(configuration/accessibility/etc.) errors in a service.
>The status code is only applicable for responses to a client request.
>> 3. Line 293 - Line 381-383 imply S="client-error-not-authenticated"
>> be in TitleCase form "ClientErrorNotAuthenticated".  Same issue for line
>> 299, 
>Thanks, fixed!
>> Maybe I'm being too picky about the examples?
>No, they need to be correct, otherwise they aren't good examples (unless
>I was trying to show bad messages, which I'm not... :)
>Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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