producing flat RFC-ready text files from WORD -Reply

producing flat RFC-ready text files from WORD -Reply

producing flat RFC-ready text files from WORD -Reply

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at
Wed Nov 20 10:56:04 EST 1996


I have tried this several times.  Bob H. claims that it worked for him, but I
still can't get it to work for the IPP document.   The resulting ASCII text file
does have all of the "text" and the headers and footers, but it has some
other "control" characters that do not make it look like the pure printable
text format I have seen for other I-Ds and RFCs.


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>>> Tom Hastings <hastings at> 11/19/96 06:45pm
At 12:43 11/18/96 PST, Don Wright wrote:
>For some reason, I can't get WORD to generate a nice flat
>text file with the headers and footers to look like an
>internet draft.  Anyone got any ideas?

If you setup styles to use only Courier, including in headers
and footers, and print to file using a generic line printer
driver, it will produce the headers and footers as text.

I've been told this works, but I haven't tried it.  That is the
strategy hope/plan to use to product the IPP draft.  I'm planning
to use it for the Job Monitoring MIB as well.  Each style
will have the proper indent, so that WORD will do the line wrap

Good luck. Lets share experiences on this.


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