Some Comments on ipp92.doc - the issues we didn't get to

Some Comments on ipp92.doc - the issues we didn't get to

Some Comments on ipp92.doc - the issues we didn't get to

Tom Hastings hastings at
Thu Nov 21 21:37:57 EST 1996

Most of these comments are on the ISSUES listed in the document that
we didn't get time to address.

1. 6.1 Attribute syntaxes

Need to add explanation of the notation in side the parens:

  "#" in front of a data syntax means zero or more values
  "1#" in front of a data syntax means one or more values

2. 6.1 Attribute syntaxes

Get rid of the TBDs

3. printer-assigned (name)

ISSUE: Get rid of it.  Not needed for our model.

But maybe change it to local-output-device-name-used.
As the text indicates, this will help a user find the output if
the user has to do it himself/herself.

4. notification-events

Need to add a notification-address URL which allows the user or 
the client to specify mail:// or http:// 

We have an 6.3.2 operation-notification-address that the client software sets
automatically.  But if the end-user needs to be able to choose between
mail and http, we may need to add a notification method or a notification-
address that the user can supply.

5. job-retention-period 

Ok to delete for version 1.0. It will come back when we do ResubmitJob operation
but that is when we need it, not now.  Same for 6.4.31
maximum-job-retention-period.  But keep the retained state (even though
not user affected in version 1.0), since its hard for client when the 
servers add states.

6. number-up

A simpler way to allow end-users to turn of embellishments, is to have
a distinguised value that turns it off.  ISO DPA has "0", but a more
user friendly value would be "none".  Then any other value, like "1",
or "2", or "4" is free to have any embellishments on it.

7. document-format

Yes, make version optional.  The problem is that if a driver says
PostScript level 2, but doesn't use any level 2 features, then a
level 1 printer is probably going to reject when it could have printed
the document.  This is a tough problem.

8. 6.3.2 operation-notification-address

Keep, it cannot be inferred from the operation-user-name and operation-host-name
in call cases.

9. Additional job attributes:

add number of intervening jobs, so that you can see your position in
the queue, even if the site policy is not to let you see any other jobs.

10. Additional printer attributes:

a. add number of jobs waiting to be printed or being printed

b. add scheduling algorithm with values: first-come-first-served and

11. Explain that the term Printer and the Printer object need not be
restricted to printing, but can be used to represent other kinds of
output processing.


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