New Internet-Draft Request

New Internet-Draft Request

New Internet-Draft Request

JK Martin jkm at
Fri Nov 22 23:36:00 EST 1996

Bob Herriot mentioned this in his comments on the recent draft:

> line 527: Is 380 now a registered port with IANA for HTTP printing?

As I mentioned during the last IPP con-call, one can not simply declare
the assignment of a "privileged" port number (ie, a number between 1-1023).
The assignment of these port numbers is within the exclusive domain of IANA,
and we'll have to register for such a port.

For the sake of global sanity, IANA also registers ports above 1023, as
I recall.  So, it's probably best we eventually coordinate through them
if we are dealing on the Internet.

As far as the draft goes, let's just put a "XXX" in place of "380" and
note the eventual registration through IANA in the text.


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