IPP Name

IPP Name

IPP Name

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Fri Nov 22 23:44:00 EST 1996


> I spent a little time browsing the Web for "IPP" today.
> Here a couple of scary results:

Ya know, I just happened to be on the IETF RFC web page today to see
what would turn up when the word "print" or "printer" was used as the
sole search criteria.

Very interesting results.  Neither search resulted in the display
of RFC 1759 (the Printer MIB).  Moreover, of the many RFCs that were
displayed, RFC 1179 (LPD) was *way* down at the end of the list.

> 3) The Web address "http://www.ipp.org"   still seems to be free, should we try to grab that before it is gone?

Not sure why you think we should grab an Internet domain name for this
effort.  Any ideas you'd like to share?

> Maybe we need to start thinking about yet another name, e.g. Hypertext Internet Printing Protocol (HIPP)?

Actually I tend to agree.  Seems like "IPP" is way too TLA-ish for the
scope of this effort.  Perhaps something like:

	"Hypertext Internet Printing Protocol Operations" (HIPPO)

Hmm...  Perhaps that stirs up visions of big, fat, heavy kinds of things,
though...  ;-)


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