IPP> Re: draft-isaacson-ipp-info-00.txt

IPP> Re: draft-isaacson-ipp-info-00.txt

IPP> Re: draft-isaacson-ipp-info-00.txt

Alex Bochannek abochann at cisco.com
Wed Nov 27 19:51:11 EST 1996

OK, I subscribed. Just hope I won't get inundated with mail ;-) And
for the record, my interest in printing has (almost) nothing to do
with my work at Cisco.

In case people haven't seen my comments, here we go:

- I don't see any references to fan-fold paper anywhere.

- It appears there is currently no suppurt fo accounting. One can
  certainly argue that this is a function of security which you say
  will be addressed later.

- How do you plan to support color calibration and other features like
  what is provided through PPD files?

- I suspect that PostScript printing control (like spooling, status
  queries, etc.) are not supported as part of the PostScript
  Content-Type, right? It probably should be spelled out.

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