IPP> PING for IPP BOF in San Jose

IPP> PING for IPP BOF in San Jose

IPP> PING for IPP BOF in San Jose

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Dec 4 18:38:02 EST 1996

IPP BOF Participants - Confirmed by December 4, 1996

Roger deBry		IBM
Jeff Copeland           QMS
Dave Crocker            Brandenburg Consulting (BOF FAX chair)
Mabry Dozier (or rep.)  QMS
Lee Farrell             Canon
Tom Hastings		Xerox
Robert Herriot		Sun
Scott Isaacson		Novell
Jim Livingstone		Microsoft
Raymond Lutz		Cognisys
Carl-Uno Manros	        Xerox
Jay Martin		Underscore
Larry Masinter          Xerox PARC (IETF HTTP chair)
Bob Setterbo	        Adobe    
Randy Turner            Sharp
Bill Wagner		DPI, Osicom
Rob Whittle		Novell
Don Wright		Lexmark
Steve Zilles            Adobe


The list includes everybody who have confirmed to me directly or indirectly
that they plan to show up.  In addition, I would expect to see at least one
of the Area Directors and possibly additional WG chairs who want to see what
we are up to.

See most of you next week in San Jose.

The phone conference today decided to hold a joint dinner meeting on Tuesday
at 6 pm (details to follow) and to meet directly after the IPP meeting on
Thursday next week.


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