IPP> Comments on IPP BOF Presentation IPP-INFO3

IPP> Comments on IPP BOF Presentation IPP-INFO3

IPP> Comments on IPP BOF Presentation IPP-INFO3

kcarter at VNET.IBM.COM kcarter at VNET.IBM.COM
Thu Dec 5 14:24:02 EST 1996


The presentation really looks good.  Here are my comments some of which might
be better considered as part of the oral part of the presentation rather than
part of the hardcopy charts since I know time is short.

1.  Please ensure that the audience understands that IPP does not prereq a
    print solution that natively implements ISO/IEC DPA 10175.  Rather, IPP can
    operate with non-DPA OS/NOS such as Warp/Warp Server, Netware 3.x, NT, etc.
    Don's presentation indicates that IPP is OS/NOS independent, but it still
    might be a good idea to clarify this point in context of the ISO/IEC
    DPA 10175 chart (chart 4).

2.  On the Printer Object chart (chart 10):  For bullet "A Printer Optionally
    Supports", consider adding a subbullet "-  Multiple Output Devices".  This
    will be consistent with the next chart Printer Configurations (chart 11).

3.  On the Job Template Object chart (chart 13):  The bullet "Each Template
    is a Different Set of Attributes and Values" is confusing to me.  I
    believe multiple templates may specify the same attributes some of which
    may have the same or different values from other templates.  Please
    consider "Each Template May Represent a
    Different Set of Job Defaults for an Output Device".

4.  On the Directory Services Support chart (chart 15):  Under bullet "Each
    Printer Has an Entry in the Directory", I didn't see a subbullet with
    "-  Maximum Print Quality, Cost, Fonts Supported, Device ID" which were
    in the previous version of the presentation.

5.  On the Work Items and Issues chart (chart 20):  "implmented" should be

6.  On the IPP Scenario chart (chart 23):  "Qeury" should be "Query".

7.  On the IPP Scenario chart (chart 24):  Under Document-Content Header,
    "(Ccontent" should be "(content".

Again, the presentation is excellent.  Have fun presenting IPP at the BOF!


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