IPP> REQ - A call for issues

IPP> REQ - A call for issues

IPP> REQ - A call for issues

Carl-Uno Manros manros at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 22 10:28:48 EST 1997

Peter, you have spotted a good set of issues. Please see my suggested 
replies inserted in your text below. But remember my earlier comments 
about having details in the scenarios, which we feel are important, 
but which are either outside the scope of IPP or will be addressed in 
later IPP versions. We should insert notes to that effect in the 
scenarios document, once we have nailed down exactly what goes into 
IPP V1.0. 


At 06:05 AM 1/22/97 PST, you wrote:

>My issues:
>1) (page 5)  Is the cost per page tied to the media it is printed on?
>        Do we define some standard for determining the cost of a page?

We might consider including a single value for printing single-sided on
normal sized white paper, or leave it alltogether.  I would not like to 
have the complexity of price negotition depending on media etc. as part
of IPP V1.0

>2) (page 6) Is information that is as variable as the media-ready
>         stored in the Name Service?


>3) (page 7) How is "near my hotel" done?  Is there a required format
>         for printer location in the schema?

Could potentially be done by matching postal area codes, which will probably
work in a number of countries, but not all. Complexity that we might better 
stay away from in IPP V1.0.

>4) (page 10)  The client should be able to ask either the printer or
>         the Name service for the location of the driver/driver installer.

The location is named by a URL

>        The client should negotiate with the driver/driver installer server
>         for the appropriate version.

I consider this to be an implementation matter, that would be outside the scope 
of IPP, but it could still stay in the scenarios to show the whole picture

>5) (page 15)  How do you determine the notification methods supported
>         by the printer?  What is the set of notification methods for IPP?

We need a way of indicating notification methods - the ones available at the 
printer/print server, and the one desired by the print request submitter.
So far, we have only spoken about email (BTW there is a new set of Notification
Services recently defined by the IETF email folks, but these is not yet widely 
implemented), other methods may become available later (such as push from a
Web server)

>6) (page 21)  Are we going to use URLs to name files to be pulled to printer?


>7) (page 31)  Are hold and release IPP v1 operations?

NO. Does anybody consider these to be end-user functions? So far I have only 
heard them being discussed as operator functions.


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