IPP>PRO - posted white paper and foils

IPP>PRO - posted white paper and foils

IPP>PRO - posted white paper and foils

Alex Bochannek abochann at cisco.com
Mon Jan 27 17:58:45 EST 1997

> I just posted a white paper and a set of foils on a proposal for the IPP
> protocol definitions. They are in
> pub/pwg/ipp/new_PRO/protocol.ps
> pub/pwg/ipp/new_PRO/protocol-white-paper.ps
> Note that the presentation has a slide for "Examples", but no examples.  They
> are all in the white paper.
> I would like to spend an hour going through the examples at the IPP-PWG meeting
> on the 6th in San Jose.
> Comments are welcome before the meeting.  Please try to read through these
> prior to the meeting if
> possible, it will make teh discussion much more meaningful.

Obviously, I would prefer another mapping like so:

6. Mapping to TCP socket.

To use a TCP connection to transport IPP messages a new port number
has to be defined. The suggested number to be registered with the IANA
is NNN. When using this method, an IPP server opens the socket in
LISTEN mode and a client connects to it with an unused source port in
the unrestricted range. This socket pair is the unique identifier for
the connection. Once the connection reaches ESTABLISHED state, it
transports at least one complete IPP message exchange. One complete
IPP message exchange is defined by one Request-Message followed by one
Response-Message. A multi-segment print message is treated as one
request.  After the exchange the TCP connection can be disconnected by
the server but should stay up to support further transactions. An idle
timer of NN minutes must be used to terminate the connection if the
option of keeping it up is used.

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