IPP> ADM - Co-chair for IPP WG in IETF

IPP> ADM - Co-chair for IPP WG in IETF

IPP> ADM - Co-chair for IPP WG in IETF

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Feb 14 20:08:27 EST 1997

In some correspondence that I have had with Harald as Area Director, he has
indicated that he would like to get one more person as co-chair for the
EITF WG on IPP, before making his final recommendation about our WG status.

After looking at some possible candidates, Harald indicated that he would
be happy to see Steve Zilles from Adobe in the co-chair role, as Steve has
already made a number of friends in the IETF over the last few years.

After some discussion with Steve, he has now offered to step into the role.

I would personally feel very comfortable with Steve at my side, as he is an
experienced expert on printing as well as on standardization, but to ensure
that we are all agreed on this, I would like to hear if anybody has any
objections to Steve taking on the co-chair position.



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