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>Epilogue: Roger K deBry
>As I've pointed people to the PWG ftp site to get the IPP documents, it has
>become increasingly difficult to point them to the latest documentation. The
>I-Ds are spread across several directories and they are changing over time.
>I'd like to propose the following idea -- what if we kept a copy of the
>internet drafts in one common place with a standard name so that we could
>people unfamiliar with the history and reams of documentation out there to
>place where they could get the lastest and greatest.  For example, have a
>directory called "Current-Internet-Drafts" which would have in it "Model",
>"Requirements", Directory-Schema", and "Protocol" etc. without version
>numbers.  We could choose to promote documents to this directory when we
were re
>ady to have the rest of the world read and comment on them.


the main idea is that people unfamiliar with the project should go to the
Web site rather than the FTP site, and that we try to keep up with the
latest version there.

Using a standard name for the latest draft of its kind is still a good idea
and would do the referencing from the Web pages a lot easier. I would
expect the editor/whip for each subgroup to keep an eye on this for both
the FTP and Web versions.

Please note that I do not want us to label things as Internet Drafts if
they have not yet been sent to the IETF for publishing as such. So far,
only our input to IETF in San Jose are in that category.

I have asked people before to please clean up the "new_XXX" folders to get
rid of older version and make sure that they only remain in the respective
"historic" sub folders. Please editors and main contributors do this!


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