IPP> TES Some first steps

IPP> TES Some first steps

IPP> TES Some first steps

Zehler,Peter Peter_Zehler at wb.xerox.com
Thu Mar 13 15:36:20 EST 1997

   After talking with a number of people involved in internet printing 
I obviously need to take a step back and address some building blocks of
IPP first.  I know prototyping is a ways off at the moment.   I welcome input
so I can understand what work lies ahead.

    I would like to have all the parties involved discuss where we 
 should begin.
There are areas in IPP that need to be addressed with some proof of concept
 work.  I think we should identify those areas and work out a plan for 
 them.   I would think some of these may be raised as issues in the MOD and
PRO groups.

   The work we do in this area will be shared.  We will need to decide
how we go about this. Do we expect the actual proof of concept to be available
to everyone?  Will the results of a trial be acceptable?  Will the 
 action to address
some issue for IPP be assigned to an individual, organization, or group?

    Most of us involved in the prototype work already have an internet printing
solution being developed.  From what I have heard they are very similar.
Would a discussion of our solutions at some level be useful?

   Other issues raised in a previous note(  bake-offs, standard redirector,
IPP conformance, printing from application)  seem to be much farther down
the road.  If there is need to look at these in the near term I would like to
hear about it.


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