IPP> MOD - Review of MOD attributes

IPP> MOD - Review of MOD attributes

IPP> MOD - Review of MOD attributes

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Tue Mar 18 18:51:05 EST 1997

A critical action item from the model group is to review the attributes
for the Printer, Job (and Document??) objects for:

1) Completeness wrt the directory
2) Relevancy for v1.0
3) Correctness

As a reminder, in the Model document:

1) Section 5.1, table 1,  shows the syntax of basic types 
2) Section 5.1, following table 1, shows was type1, type2, and type3 prefixes do for enums
3) Section 5.1, table 2, show what happens to the syntax of an attribute
in a Job object when the same attribute is in the Printer object with a default.
4) Section 5.1, following table 2, describes all of the tags (for both
job attributes and printer attributes)

In order to help this effort, and especially my own efforts in trying to
clean up the document, I have put together a 4 page attribute summary document that can
help with the review process. I have posted
it on the server at:


Let's discuss a plan of action at the Wednesday IPP call.  Friday looks like a conflict
for IPP Model group and the PMP conference call.


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