IPP> PRO - Suggested text for form-data

IPP> PRO - Suggested text for form-data

IPP> PRO - Suggested text for form-data

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Thu Mar 20 09:45:59 EST 1997

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Larry ... I agree with Bob, I think we really need several examples to
illustrate the use of this encoding.  Although they may not have to be part of
the RFC, I'd like to see some examples using IPP operations so that I can
really see what is intended.   It's not clear to me from what is written.

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Subject: Re: IPP> PRO - Suggested text for form-data

I have a few questions about form-data.

Am I correct in assuming that if a form does not have
<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data", the data is send as a string
of several 'name=value', e.g. "foo=xxx&bar=yyy"?

When form-data is sent, what parts of the form are encoded in the
field data?  From examples in rfc1867, it appears to me that the
name of the field is encoded in the content-disposition field and that
the value is in the entity body. Am I right?  Are any other parts of
a form field returned with form-data?

The examples given in the protocol meeting implied that a selection
list would return the "name" of the value rather than the actual
string displayed to the user.

The examples in rfc1867 help, but they don't cover many types of fields.

Can you provide more examples or tell me how other types of fields
are handled?


Bob Herriot

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