IPP> MOD - New 1.7 version

IPP> MOD - New 1.7 version

IPP> MOD - New 1.7 version

Scott A. Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Mon Mar 24 08:47:02 EST 1997

I have posted the new 1.7 version of the Model doc.



Review section 10 for a review of the major changes.  The revision
marks are against 1.6.

I have also posted ipp-model-1.7.txt


This is a true I-D version (ACSII, 72 chars, 58 lines) version of 1.7.  Please note that
there are some small editorial clean up changes
between the text version and the 1.7 pdf file.  As I was converting
1.7 to a text file, I noticed some things that had to be changed to
fix formatting issues and well as some clean up.

To clarify:

To see what kinds of things changed from 1.6, review 1.7. 
To see the final doc that will go out as an I-D.


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