IPP> HTTP transport for IPP

IPP> HTTP transport for IPP

IPP> HTTP transport for IPP

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 10 18:00:25 EDT 1997

Epilogue: Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

Bob Herriot asked...

>Does anyone else think that we should strive for one job URL, and have
>the operation specified in the message, or am I alone?

I still like the idea of 3 URLs for the following reasons

1. The data URL (as I understand it) can point directly to a "virtual
   printer" with specific PDL, and/or configuration. I think this
   could be powerful in directing jobs to the appropriate device or
   instance of a device.

2. The status URL is basically a guaranteed unique printer assigned
   job ID to be used to monitoring job progress, state etc. If we
   didn't return this as a URL, we'd need some other means of
   accomplishing this in the protocol and I doubt we could do much
   better than a URL. I was only pointing out, with my earlier msg,
   that just returning this status URL to the submitter does not
   facilitate administrative actions by separate, standalone

3. I believe the main benefit of the Modify URL is that it can be
   subject to higher scrutiny in terms of authentication. Otherwise,
   I'd say Status and Modify could be the same URL - both pointing
   to a specific job. So I see Modify URL as the status URL with a
   password, if you will. I do not see the need for separate URLs for
   each modify operation (hold, cancel, move etc.). But, then, I'm
   not tuned in to all the subtle nuances of who gets to manage what
   in a DPA environment, so, if you need multi levels of authentication,
   you might want multiple modify URLs.

Harry Lewis

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