IPP> ADM - How is IPP a "compatible subset" of DPA?

IPP> ADM - How is IPP a "compatible subset" of DPA?

IPP> ADM - How is IPP a "compatible subset" of DPA?

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Sun Apr 13 18:59:55 EDT 1997


You wrote:

> 2) We would like to emphasize a little more that IPP has it's roots in and
> is intended to be "compatible subset of" DPA.

Can you (or anyone else) post a small message describing exactly how
IPP is a "compatible subset" of DPA?  And, perhaps more importantly,
describe the significance of this relationship?

Aside from the obvious marketing potential for vendors who ship (or
expect to ship) DPA-based products, of what importance is this
relationship between IPP and DPA?  That is, how is the "average user"
supposed to value such a statement?

When Underscore conducted a booth last October at the Usenix Systems
Administrators Conference in Chicago, one of our market research goals
was to determine the "Q factor" of DPA, and to measure the opinions of
those customers who actually knew what "DPA" was.  In all honesty, the
response was *not* good.  Answers to our questions typically resulted
in such statements as "Too big, too late and too expensive."

If the IPP community firmly believes in a strong public relationship
between DPA and IPP, then a brief "Executive Summary" of how IPP
compares/contrasts with DPA would be a good thing, no?


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