IPP> Re: Protocol Definition

IPP> Re: Protocol Definition

IPP> Re: Protocol Definition

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Sun Apr 13 19:08:03 EDT 1997


> MIB variables have text names in addition to OIDs.  When the same
> variable appears in both IPP and some printer MIB, why not just use
> the text form of the variable name in IPP?

Excellent idea.  However, would you agree that only the "base" or
"simple" component of the name should be used, and not the fully
qualified name?

For example, the Printer MIB has an object that describes the type
of a given input tray.  The fully qualified name is (as reported by
the CMU public domain software component "snmpwalk"):


In this case, the name used in IPP would be simply "prtInputType".

Does this work for you?


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