IPP> SEC - Possible Security Solotions for IPP

IPP> SEC - Possible Security Solotions for IPP

IPP> SEC - Possible Security Solotions for IPP

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Apr 15 06:57:22 EDT 1997

One subject that I tried to collect more information about last week was
the options for IPP security.  Here are some first hints for the SEC group
to follow up on:

The IPSEC WG (IP Security Protocol) is mainly working on lower layer
security which we may want to assume is present.

The TSL WG (Transport Layer Security) seems to be the IETF version of SSL
and is approaching finalization.

A new project, which I have not yet been able to place in WG is called SASL
(Simple Authentication and Security Layer).  The latter was recommended by
Harald for us to take a look at. An I-D can be be found at:


It seems that S-MIME (Secure MIME) might never happen in the IETF due to
dependency on some RSA proporietary components.

Einar Stefferud suggested looking at PGP-MIME as an alternative. I have not
yet found a good reference for the latter.

The search continues.



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