IPP> Protocol Specification Language -Reply

IPP> Protocol Specification Language -Reply

IPP> Protocol Specification Language -Reply

Scott Lawrence lawrence at agranat.com
Tue Apr 15 08:33:16 EDT 1997

>>>>> "RT" == Randy Turner <rturner at sharplabs.com> writes:

RT> If the WG agrees that an ASCII representation of the protocol is what
RT> we want (and it sounds like this is the leaning...) then thats ok with
RT> me too.
RT> ...
RT> Notice that in my references to transport I am now using the term
RT> HTTP-lite, since saying that we are using HTTP as a transport implies
RT> that we require the implementation of the entire HTTP 1.1 spec, per
RT> comments at the IETF in Memphis.

  As was pointed out in Memphis, the HTTP/1.1 (rfc 2068) spec already
  does a pretty good job of defining such a subset, they just don't
  label it as HTTP-lite :-).  What you want is the subset of things
  that are required of origin servers.  A great deal of the spec
  applies only to proxies and clients.  Our embeddable 1.1 origin
  server implementation is under 30K of code.

  There are ample hooks in the various headers for adding any
  extentions that you discover you need (I'll be suprised if there are
  very many).

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