IPP> MOD - Closure on status codes

IPP> MOD - Closure on status codes

IPP> MOD - Closure on status codes

Keith_Carter at aussmtp.austin.ibm.com Keith_Carter at aussmtp.austin.ibm.com
Tue Apr 29 10:19:10 EDT 1997

  The purpose of this note is to attain agreement on the documentation of
  status codes in the Model document.

  Based on the discussion at the MOD telecon on 4/25 and Bob Herriot's
  protocol document, I propose that the Model document describe status
  codes using generic terms (e.g. bad-request) instead of specific values
  (e.g. "400").  A protocol document can then use the descriptions of the
  status codes and map these descriptions to specific status code values
  and messages for a protocol like Bob did in his protocol document.  With
  this approach, protocol implementations of IPP should behave

  Here is an example of what we can put in the Model document: bad-request

  The request could not be understood by the IPP Printer due to
  malformed syntax.  The IPP application should not repeat the
  request without modifications.

  In the case of Bob's protocol document, bad-request maps to "400".

  If we agree, then I will modify my previous note on status codes and
  resend for your review.  If anyone has another idea, please put it on
  the table so we can close this matter.



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