IPP> Poll for interest for a new "Universal Print Driver" (UPD) discussion list

IPP> Poll for interest for a new "Universal Print Driver" (UPD) discussion list

IPP> Poll for interest for a new "Universal Print Driver" (UPD) discussion list

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Apr 29 11:17:37 EDT 1997

Rob Kline (TrueSpectra) has asked me privately:

> I am very interested in the UPD concept and would like to participate.
> Do you know who is putting this group together? Are any discussions on
> this topic planned for San Diego?

To my knowledge there are no plans to discuss the Universal Print Driver
at the San Diego meetings.  I would also guess that the currently scheduled
meetings are pretty full, so it's unlikely we could schedule time for this
topic during the regularly scheduled hours.  (Unless we have time on Friday,
based on the expected length of the JMP discussion.)

However, for those PWG folks interested in discussing this topic during
the dates of the upcoming San Diego meetings (the week of May 12), I would
be most happy to organize some sort of "dinner discussion" where interested
persons can share their ideas, etc.

Schedule constraints allow me to only attend the PWG meetings on Thursday
and Friday, May 15 & 16.  At this point, the only evening I have available
is Thursday night.

If anyone out there is interested in attending an ad hoc dinner discussion
on Thursday night (May 15) on the Universal Print Driver (UPD) concept,
please email me privately.  I'll post the results of all responses by the
end of this week, so please email me your interest by Thursday, if possible.
(Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a place to eat, that would be

Also, as I mentioned in a previous message, I propose that the PWG setup
an official discussion list for the UPD concept so that other lists are
not impacted in any way.  If no one has any objection, the list will be
setup near the end of this week, and an official announcement will go out
on the PWG mailing list with all relevant instructions, etc.


PS:  Sorry for the cross-post to the IPP mailing list (where this topic
     originated).  This will be my last posting to the IPP list on the
     topic of the UPD concept; until the UPD list is setup, the primary
     PWG list should be used.

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