IPP> Re: MOD - RE: Base printer implementation requireme

IPP> Re: MOD - RE: Base printer implementation requireme

IPP> Re: MOD - RE: Base printer implementation requireme

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Mon May 5 18:33:51 EDT 1997


>      I suggest that, if IPP initially is restricted to (logical) printers 
>      that can spool, it will be a lingering inherent defect that will be 
>      very hard to reverse. I believe that this is the wrong approach and is 
>      contrary to original intent of this project.

I understand your position completely.  We disagree, but that's ok.  ;-)

Regardless of whether we agree or not, I'm still quite concerned about
IPP solving the needs of the intranet (aka, Enterprise-level printing).

Hopefully no one will assume I'm taking the position that the only
problems to be solved by IPP are those occurring in the Enterprise.

There are other problems to be solved, to be sure, but please understand
that my company's vested interest is solving Enterprise-related problems,
so I'll continue to ask questions and raise issues on behalf of that
environment.  (But certainly not to the exclusion of other problems.)

Our experience has indicated that within the Enterprise, all network
printers must be front-ended by a spooling server; direct printing from
a client system to a network is highly discouraged, or even forbidden.

Does this experience match others' in the Enterprise?  I'd really like
to hear from other people on this question, either publicly or privately.

To those list members associated with educational institutions: do
educational institutions (particularly higher education facilities)
allow, encourage or otherwise accept direct client-to-printer job
submission over the network?  Or do you also demand routing jobs
through spooling systems?

Just so no one misunderstands, I think IPP as a front-end to a spooling
system is a great approach.  It's just the spooler-to-printer protocol
that concerns me.


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