IPP>DIR OID and string attribute

IPP>DIR OID and string attribute

IPP>DIR OID and string attribute

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Wed May 21 12:23:21 EDT 1997

Since I am one of the authors of the directory schema document, I will try
to respond to your question by making some background statements:

1. There is clear direction that the IPP directory schema effort is a
secondary effort to defining the printing model and protocol mapping.  The
IETF has specifically asked the working group not not provide a mapping of
the IPP directory schema to LDAP.  However, most participants feel that this
needs to be done at some point in the future (either through specific
product or some informational RFC).  In short, there is no existing or even
soon to exist mapping from the IPP directory schema document to LDAP.  All
references to LDAP specifics will be removed from the directory schema

2. There has been much disucssion about whether the schema for a directory 
entry representing a Printer is a subset of the IPP Printer object or just
an overlapping related set of attributes.  The IPP Printer object is defined
in terms of a set of attributes which are identified in the Model document
as "keywords".  At the 5/15/97 IPP meeting, there was good discussion on how
to encode model document "keywords" in to an IPP request/response over

3.  I have assumed that the intent of the directory document is to also
define the schema in terms of attributes identified only with "keywords" 
These keywords could then be mapped to any real represention in a specific
directory protocol.  It looks like you have done the correct mapping from
IPP directory schema attributes to LDPAString for use in the on-the-wire


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>>> Yasunari Kitagaki <kita at mol.minolta.co.jp> 05/18 10:07 PM >>>
 I have read the document, named ipp-dir-schema-2.0, and I would like to
clarify about mapping the ipp-dir-schema to LDAP.

-What are the attributes described as the string or OID?
In LDAP, attribute name must be desided as the string or be mapped to OID.

AttributeType ::= LDAPString
                -- text name of the attribute, or dotted
                -- OID representation

AttributeValue ::= OCTET STRING

If there is the documentatation, let me know its URL.

Yasunari Kitagaki
kita at mol.minolta.co.jp 
Minolta Co., Ltd.


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