IPP> Protocol encoding addition...

IPP> Protocol encoding addition...

IPP> Protocol encoding addition...

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Wed May 21 18:51:30 EDT 1997

In response to Randy's newly proposed addition you wrote:

> This sounds good, but you still have not explained why we want it and
> what potential use we would have of it?  I assume the intent is to keep
> several related operations together, but is that not also important for
> the server to know about?

It's not important (nor even useful) for the server to know about such
client-specified transaction IDs.

Client-specified transaction IDs can be found in lots of different
protocols, including SNMP and CPAP.  As Randy pointed out, it helps
the client match responses to previous requests.  This allows a
client to post multiple requests at one time--without waiting for
the responses in a synchronous manner--then later match the responses
once they arrive from the server.

Good idea, Randy, although such transaction IDs probably won't be of
much use in the HTTP-mapped implementation scenario.


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