IPP> Your IPP article

IPP> Your IPP article

IPP> Your IPP article

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Thu Jun 5 18:26:54 EDT 1997


I too share Carl-Uno's concerns about the "angle" of the article, especially
the implications of words such as "unravel".

As I said on the phone during our interview, I expect the standards process
(working group participation and discussion) to  yield a consensus decision
in a timely manner that results in the best possible standard for Internet
Printing.  With diligent participation, I have faith in the process.  As you
correctly represented, I have confidence that we can reach a consensus
decision in the time frame outlined in the schedule in the working group's

As an example of the controversial nature of your article, you state
"A tentative deal worked out with the companies began to fall apart
when the participants divided into two factions -- one lead by
Microsoft, in Redmond, Wash., and the other by Novell, in Orem,
Utah, meeting participants said."

I made a strong statement in the discussion that you refer to  that a
successful standard, "simple" standard, should not have multiple levels of
conformance.  It is interesting that it can be construed as the "dividing of
companies into two factions."  Especially since 1) I represent my own
personal opinion and not that of my company, and 2) there were no idividuals
involved in that immediate phone discussion representing their personal
opinions who work for Microsoft.  Everyone has their own strong personal
positions, but the job is to learn to synergistically resolve issues.

A lot has happened since the original printing proposal by Xerox and Novell
and the associated Novell sponsored press release back in November.   There
has been a lot of good input and comment from many participants.  I am proud
to be a part of the working group and I am happy to take a very active role.
 In my own mind, it is now an open  working group initiative not a company
sponsored initiative.  I am actually very pleased (and surprised in some
ways) as to how far we have come and the many good agreements that have been
made to date.

Scott Isaacson

Scott A. Isaacson
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>>> Carl-Uno Manros <cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com> 06/05 1:14 PM >>>

I wasn't too happy with your angle in reporting about IPP.  You make it
sound like we had insurmountable problems which will prevent us from making

I have been involved in a series of international standardization projects
over the years, and can assure you that this "conflict" is no worse than a
number other ones I have run across. I am confident that we will find a
suitable compromise in this case as well.



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