IPP> PRO - Re: Print by reference

IPP> PRO - Re: Print by reference

IPP> PRO - Re: Print by reference

Scott Lawrence lawrence at agranat.com
Fri Jun 6 10:19:24 EDT 1997

SL> Surely you are not suggesting that an IPP client implementation must
SL> include SNMP as well as HTTP?  If you thought you were getting
SL> resistance to layering IPP on HTTP...

>>>>> "JK" == JK Martin <jkm at underscore.com>:

JK> Are you suggesting that submitting a job using one protocol--but using
JK> a *completely* different protocol to monitor the status--is not a very
JK> good thing to do?

>>>>> "HL" == Harry Lewis <harryl at us.ibm.com>:

HL> No, I was suggesting the IPP client would include SNMP as well as IPP. It's
HL> everyone trying to squeeze through the same hole in the firewall which is
HL> causing HTTP to enter the conversation. If IPP is to layer
HL> on HTTP, they why not SNMP. I'm sure it has already been done.

  There have been a couple of proposals for layering SNMP over HTTP
  and/or mapping SNMP operations to URLs.  There is no standard for
  either, however.

  Perhaps I should have been more explicit:

     Requiring the use of two protocols to solve one problem, whether
     or not they are both layered over a third protocol, is a Bad

  The essential issue here is one of complexity; I believe that what
  IPP is attempting to do is define a the operations for submitting
  and user-level control of print jobs.  The MIBs (which I have not
  studied) should be designed to support _Management_ (the 'M') -
  which is to say monitoring and control, usually by a third party
  (neither the printer nor the user of the printer).

  The requirements for operation and management are different, and I
  don't think that it helps either effort to combine them.  It
  certainly isn't good design (IMHO) to require both MIME/HTTP parsers
  and ASN1/SNMP parsers just to submit a job to a printer.

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