IPP> Re: JMP> documentFormatIndex

IPP> Re: JMP> documentFormatIndex

IPP> Re: JMP> documentFormatIndex

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Jun 9 14:38:59 EDT 1997

I would agree. The JMP documentFormatIndex is whatever the Printer MIB
Index is, which includes control languages, as well as page description
languages.  The JMP value is the index into the Printer MIB.

BTW, IPP is using the MIME type name as the value of its document-format
attribute, not the PWG enums symbol names with the "lang" prefix removed.
(At least the Model document says that the protocol is using the MIME types
to identify document formats.).

So I added the OCTETS form to the documentFormatType attribute (and removed the
Type suffix) as we agreed for other attributes in San Diego that an agent
can represent as an integer or a string or both.  

So an agent has a number of choices for representing the document format:

1. If implementing the Printer MIB, the agent can use the documentFormatIndex
attribute with the same value as the Printer MIB.

2. Any agent can use the documentFormat attribute with either:

   the Printer MIB enum
   the MIME type name
   or both



At 10:07 06/09/97 PDT, Harry Lewis wrote:
>We have documentFormat as one of our Job Attributes. It points to
>prtInterpreterLanguageFamily TC in the printer MIB. I want to clarify that this
>job MIB Attribute may relate to a job control language as well as a page
>description language. Do you agree, Tom? Does anyone disagree?
>>>> Harry Lewis <<<

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