IPP> TES: Who is planning on prototyping IPP?

IPP> TES: Who is planning on prototyping IPP?

IPP> TES: Who is planning on prototyping IPP?

Peter Zehler pzehler at channels.mc.xerox.com
Wed Jul 2 13:02:30 EDT 1997

Per a request made at the Nashua meeting, here is the list I have of
"individuals" that have indicated they will be working on an IPP
Bob Chansler     (Adobe)
Lee Farrell         (Cannon)
Steve Gebert     (IBM)
Ted Tronson      (Novell)
Randy Turner     (Sharp)
Rick Yardumian (Xerox)
Peter Zehler       (Xerox)

If I have missed anybody could you send me a ping?
Anyone on the current list that does not belong there send me a ping and
I will correct the list.
I will post the updated list the week of July 14.

I am also curious about how the TES members intend to demonstrate and
test their prototypes.  I have been looking in to what it would take to
put an IPP prototype printer on the public side of our firewall.  It is
difficult.  I believe it can be done(given enough time to handle the red
tape).  Is there any interest in the TES group to conducting initial
trials this way?  
Regardless of how the initial demonstrations are held does anyone have a
clue to when to tentatively schedule this event?  Right now I am trying
to guess when planning will have to start in earnest. 

I am also interested in collecting issues uncovered during prototyping
to feed back into the other IPP groups.  As people get rolling please
post issues and we will track them and get them resolved.

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