IPP> REQ document comments

IPP> REQ document comments

IPP> REQ document comments

Peter Zehler pzehler at channels.mc.xerox.com
Wed Jul 2 13:29:58 EDT 1997

You wanted to refresh the REQ ID and asked me to review the document.
I read through the requirements document and did not find much to
comment on.
Here is what I found.

1) section 2.1.4   I found the following paragraph confusing
          Print jobs will also be submitted by background or batch
          applications without human intervention.  Any application
          Internet printing application must support this type of

2) section 2.2.1 and 2.2.2   Should it be stated that these are not
addressed in V1.0 

3) section 3.1   Should the characteristics that might be considered
when locating a printer be brought in line with the DIR document.

4) section 3.5  Is end-user notification a V1.0 requirement?

5) section 3.6  Should cancel job and modify job be lumped together?

6) section 4.3  The first bulleted item still refers to tags for
attributes and attribute values.

7)section 6  Email address corrections Tom  Hastings:
hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com and Peter Zehler:
pzehler at channels.mc.xerox.com

8) Throughout scenarios   replace job id = #12345 with job uri =

9) Throughout scenarios   adjust returns from print operations to bring
in line with MOD doc.

10) section 3.1 and  Throughout scenarios    remove references to


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