IPP>MOD - coding mechanism for parameters

IPP>MOD - coding mechanism for parameters

IPP>MOD - coding mechanism for parameters

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Jul 8 20:08:14 EDT 1997

Bob Herriot has made an excellent observation that should really
be our guiding principle in moving IPP towards final consensus:

> Although we may want to do some minor tweaking, I think that we should
> stay with something very close to what we agreed to in Nashua. I think
> that we are at a point of uneasy equilibrium in group. Everyone or
> nearly everyone is reasonably happy with our solution.  Many have
> certain parts they don't like, but are willing to live with those
> parts. If we change too much of this agreement, we may again find many
> who don't like enough of the solution to back it, and we'll be back to
> square one.

For those who were able to attend the Nashua meetings, you know exactly
what Bob is talking about here.

For those unable to attend those meetings--but have been actively
participating on the IPP list all along--then you would quickly
understand how easy it would be for IPP to "be back to square one"
if we start rocking the boat at this point.

The meetings in Nashua produced the first real agreement between
IPP and SWP camps.  Anything that might jeopardize that agreement
should be absolutely compelling, and not just a "tweak", IMHO.


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