IPP>MOD - Globally unique IDs

IPP>MOD - Globally unique IDs

IPP>MOD - Globally unique IDs

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Mon Jul 14 23:23:08 EDT 1997


Since these "globally unique identifiers" are really just URIs, I changed
the document to get rid of the term "globally unique" and just explicitly
state that the object's identifier is a URI.   Therefore we are only as
"globally unique" as URIs are and we don't have to say how or why, we let
the URI people worry about that.


>>> Roger K Debry <rdebry at us.ibm.com> 07/14 7:11 AM >>>
AN IBM person reviewing the model document made the following observation --
comments anyone?

On page 20 Section 4.6, it says
        "... have an identifier attribute whose value is globally unique
I think we have to say how this is done, don't we?

Roger deBry

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