IPP> MOD - new model document

IPP> MOD - new model document

IPP> MOD - new model document

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Tue Jul 15 02:16:06 EDT 1997

I have posted a new version of the model document:


ipp-model-970714-ms60.doc  - A MS Word 6.0 doc with no revision marks
ipp-model-970714-rev-ms60.doc - A MS Word 6.0 doc with revision marks
ipp-model-970714-rev.pdf - A PDF line numbers and with revision marks
ipp-model-970714.pdf - A PDF line numbers and with no revision marks
ipp-model-970714.txt -  A txt file with no line numbers (same as

I have also sumbitted text file to the IETF as a new I-D:
I posted this at:


I hope to make one more set of changes an issue a new I-D
(draft-ietf-ipp-model-04.txt) before the 7/30 cutoff date.  So, please
review as quickly as
possible.  I might set up one more model telecon to review and collect
comments if you think that might be useful.

There are only about 5 issues left in the document.

Major changes:

1. Removed Intro section
2. Moved terminology to the end (so that the reader gets to the meat of the
document sooner)
3. Fixed all issues closed at June meeting (see Don W 6/25-26 notes)
4. Synchronized with post July 8 Protocol Spec
5. Added IANA registration section
6. Many wordsmithing edit changes
7. Added Roger d.'s propsed security attributes
8. Cleaned up status code and status message section
9. Added "pdl-override" and changed "best-effort"
10. Cleaned up language on "supported" and "parameters"
11. Cleaned up many "SHALLS" - still need to do more
12. Added keywords for operation parameters
13. Added reference to 1035 (DNS names and how to make private
14. Added language on querying Document Attributes (returns muti-valued
attributes - one value for each document)
15. Added "enum" syntax type and changed finishings, printer-resolution,
print-quality, printer-state, job-state, document format from keyword to
16. Finally added job-state and job-state-reasons that lines up withJMP

Scott A. Isaacson
Print Services Consulting Engineer
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