IPP> PRO - Updated "Mapping between LPD and IPP Protocols"

IPP> PRO - Updated "Mapping between LPD and IPP Protocols"

IPP> PRO - Updated "Mapping between LPD and IPP Protocols"

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Jul 15 12:56:02 EDT 1997


I'm still reviewing the latest draft, but here are a few comments
I'd like to submit now:

> Bob asks if it should be a standards track for LPD to IPP and IPP to LPD
> gateways?

My opinion is "No", let's not start a standards track for such gateways.
IMHO, there is not enough value here to incur the administrative effort.
However, if others feel differently, then go for it.

> There are a few more issues listed in the document.

Given the nature of these issues, it might be best to extract them
and post the list to the DL, particularly since some of these "issues"
refer to IPP, rather than the mapping between LPD and IPP; for example,
the issue on line 268:

  ISSUE: is IPP defined at this point to abort a job whose connection
  is closed before the job hass been fully received.  If so, that is an
  alternate and simpler way to abort the job.

This sounds like an IPP-only kind of issue, and not a mapping issue, right?

Other comments:

Line 101:  "In LPD, this comment..." should be "In LPD, this command..."

Line 251:  "There are some major issues about setting the agent"
Say what?  Not sure what you mean here.

Line 298: "...we need to map the LPD query format to IPP attributes."
What is meant by the "LPD query format"?  In LPD, the client asks for
either the "short" or the "long" version of a query; no further
granularity is available, right?

I think all the LPD syntax stuff in the document is confusing (at best)
and adds little to the overall value of the document.  The syntax is
described in a different form than that of RFC 1179 (which has no form,
actually).  All that is needed in this mapping document are references
to the appropriate terms and section numbers of RFC 1179; it should be
more than sufficient to assume the reader has knowledge of RFC 1179,
and that this mapping document should not "spoon-feed" the reader.

By the way, in the "Authors" section, you don't have all of the
usual info listed for me.  Please see my standard signature block
below to fill in the blanks.

Also, Norm Jacobs is not listed in the set of authors in the document


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