IPP>MOD - best effort

IPP>MOD - best effort

IPP>MOD - best effort

Jim Walker walker at dazel.com
Tue Jul 22 16:19:35 EDT 1997

One of the *negative* aspects of making best-effort a parameter of the
operation instead of an attribute is that it would not be a persistent
part of the job state.  For example, if best-effort is not an attribute,
I cannot query a job after it has been submitted, and find out whether
it was submitted with best-effort or not.  IMHO, this would be a bad
thing; I would prefer that it stay an attribute.

As for the xxx-supported feature of best-effort, I agree with Roger
that it seems very simple to align a best-effort job template attribute
with all of the other job template attributes.

Finally, in terms of the placement of the best-effort attribute, I do
not feel that it is burdensome to the implementation to allow it as an
attribute, and allow it to occur anywhere in the sequence of job
attributes.  If anyone has a concrete example to the contrary, I
would love to hear it.


Jim Walker <walker at dazel.com>
System Architect/DAZEL Wizard
DAZEL Corporation, Austin, TX

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