IPP>MOD - best effort

IPP>MOD - best effort

IPP>MOD - best effort

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Jul 22 20:42:44 EDT 1997

> From walker at dazel.com Tue Jul 22 13:22:23 1997
> Finally, in terms of the placement of the best-effort attribute, I do
> not feel that it is burdensome to the implementation to allow it as an
> attribute, and allow it to occur anywhere in the sequence of job
> attributes.  If anyone has a concrete example to the contrary, I
> would love to hear it.

RGH: Best-effort is the only attribute whose value affects the processing
RGH: of other attributes while the Printer is acquiring the attributes
RGH: from the operation.

RGH: If best-effort remains an attribute, an implementation must acquire the
RGH: value of best-effort before it validates any other attributes.  This is
RGH: a constraint which may or may not cause implementors a problem, but it
RGH: does create a potential look-ahead problem.  

RGH: If best-effort becomes a parameter, it will always precede all
RGH: attributes, leaving more flexibility for the implementor.  I prefer a
RGH: design that avoids look-ahead problems as much as possible.

RGH: Bob Herriot
> ...walker
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> Jim Walker <walker at dazel.com>

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