IPP> TES: IPP Prototyping and Demonstrations

IPP> TES: IPP Prototyping and Demonstrations

IPP> TES: IPP Prototyping and Demonstrations

Peter Michalek peterm at shinesoft.com
Fri Aug 22 19:01:31 EDT 1997

Hi Peter and all,

I have a simple prototype working right now, but I can't make it
available for public use.

I would be interested, however, to talk to anyone who is either
interested in a potential cooperation or wants to test
interoperability. I would be eager to participate in any meeting
or conference call discussing practical matters of architecture, 
implementation, interfaces, etc.


--- On Fri, 22 Aug 1997 13:15:26 PDT  Peter Zehler 
<pzehler at channels.mc.xerox.com> wrote:
> All,
>   Are we getting close to a time when we can start talking about
> building IPP printers/servers?  We have had a number of people express
> their interest in prototyping.  I would like to get things rolling so 
> can have something to status in the September IPP meeting.  I will be 
> vacation the last week of August.  Following up on this message and any
> responses will be first on my list when I return.  I would like to 
>    1)  Should I organize a teleconference to begin the IPP TES group
> work?
>    2)  Does anyone have any ideas on what some of our first steps 
> be?
>    3)  What is the expected outcome from the TES group?
>    4)  What *is* the work the TES group will undertake?
>    5)  Are we ready to discuss any kind of a schedule?
>   Any additional questions are welcome.  If it is still too early for
> the TES group to proceed I would also like to know.
> Pete

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