IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Atlanta September 17-18,

IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Atlanta September 17-18,

IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Atlanta September 17-18,

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Tue Sep 16 07:47:09 EDT 1997

Carl-Uno and all ---

The telephone conference call is scheduled for 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific)
time.  The agenda distributed (which I assume is in local time for the
meeting location i.e. Eastern) stated 10 AM.  We will have a full morning
of agenda items before moving to the afternoon conference call and
discussion on Job-URI, Job ID, etc.


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Subject:  IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Atlanta September 17-18,

A last minute Agenda, subject to discussion at the beginning of the
Meeting times as usual 8:30 am - 6:00 pm both days.
We will start off with Model & Semantics:
- Start by checking which M & S details we want to spend time on in the
meeting and
  which we should rule out as things for version 2.
- At 10 am on September 17 we will hold the phone conference on Job URI vs.
  Printer URI + 32-bit ID.  This will last until we have reached an
agreement as
  this is now the most important issue to get resolved.
- Other M + S subjects that come to mind are:
  - How do we register MIME types for document types?
  - Do we have the complete solution for asynchronous notifications?
  - Are we happy with the new Appendix E?
  - Do we have agreement about the security solution for M & S?
  - Any other issues that are open on Scott's list or that we agreed in the
    discussion to consider within the scope of Version 1?
Suspecting that M & S will take all day on Wednesday, I expect to tackle
subjects on Thursday:
- Any remaining discussions on the Directory Schema document.
- Fix up any remaining issues with the Protocol document (including
- Review latest version of the Rationale document (if available).
- Discuss the kind of changes we think are still needed for the
- Discuss the LPR Mappinng document to see if we are agreed about the
  (This subject might be postponed if we run out of time).
- Discuss Prototype interworking issues.
It looks like we will have no difficulty to keep busy for the two days
I look forward to see many of you in Atlanta and PLEASE make sure that you
in for the phone conference on Wednesday morning if you want to express any
views on
JOB URI etc.
The numbers as reminder:
        The phone number is 1-423-523-7162.  The access code is 190148.
The starting time is  1:00 pm Eastern, 10:00 am Pacific.

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