IPP> ADM - Checklist for IPP I-D Document Quality Checking

IPP> ADM - Checklist for IPP I-D Document Quality Checking

IPP> ADM - Checklist for IPP I-D Document Quality Checking

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Sep 25 12:22:19 EDT 1997

I have put together a little checklist for editorial quality checking of
our final I-D versions. If several proof readers are trying to apply this
list when reading through the documents, we should achieve a high quality
editorially.  Technical content is of course a different matter, which you
will obviously also need to pay attention to.


Checklist for IPP I-D Document Quality Checking

=B7 Is the overall layout and organization of the text understandable for a
first time reader?=20

=B7 Are the concepts presented in a logical order?

=B7 Are new terms either explained when they first occur, or included in a
terminology annex?

=B7 Are terms used consistently throughout the text?

=B7 Are names, such as attribute names, used consistently, including
capitalization and hyphenation?

=B7 Are all internal cross-references to texts and figures correct?

=B7 Are all external references correct, up-to-date and valid?  This include=
cross-references to our own documents (note that Security and Directory
Schema are now in the Model document). Are we trying to reference anything
that is not yet a standard or on the standards track?

=B7 Is the information about the editors up-to-date?

. Have we got the correct and latest version of IETF boiler plate texts?

=B7 Is line spacing used consistently?

=B7 Are tabs used consistently?

=B7 Can figures and tables be shown correctly in IETF ASCII format?

=B7 Are the line lengths, the number of lines per page, headers and footers
according the IETF guidelines?

. Are fonts used consistently?  Only of interest for the DOC and PDF=



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