IPP> REQ - Requirements Match?

IPP> REQ - Requirements Match?

IPP> REQ - Requirements Match?

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Oct 7 20:45:41 EDT 1997

At 04:33 AM 10/7/97 PDT, you wrote:
>Carl-Uno Manros said:
>>I would also like to find out if we have any comments on the intermediate
>>draft of the Requirements document that was circulated by Don last week.
>>HINT: We still seem to have a few features in the Requirements document
>for which there is no corresponding functionality in the other documents.
>Are we playing twenty questions or are there real issues to be resolved


Not to keep you in suspense any longer, here are a number of things that I
found, while scanning through the latest version of the requirements document:

Page 6: 

Users want to limit the scope of their search when locating a printer:
- inside a functional sub-domain
- include only a particular domain
- exclude specified domains

We have no Directory or Printer attributes defined to support this.

Page 13:

Printer discovery:
- cost per page to print [also in several other places]
- maximum job size (spool size)
- payment required for printing
- printer supports compression

We have no Directory or Printer attributes to support this.

Page 15:

We talk about "marking technology" here [and in various other places].

We have "printer description" which might include this in text form, but no
explicit Printer attribute, which tells whether a printer is ink-jet,
laser, etc.

Page 22:

Select printer based on:
- usable by department J15

We do not have an explicit Directory or Printer attribute for this. You
could use some authorization mechanism to achieve this, but it seems a bit

Page 24:

Select a printer based on:
- is a public printer (accessible from outside a firewall)

We have no explicit Directory or Printer attribute to support this. The
presence of a "printer-tls-uri" attribute might give a hint about this, but
does not have this semantic.

Page 26:

Printer discovery:

- Is in Downtown Boulder
- Give me the Printer's public key

Although we have an unstructured Printer location attribute, is it likely
that we can do this kind of match?

We do not have a Directory attribute for the Printer's public key.

Page 51:

Searching for printers:

- takes my VISA card
- gives me a rough cost per page

We have a generic text Printer attribute for printer description, but can
you request and search on it?
We have no Directory or Printer attribute to support this.


Admittedly, most of the "missing" features I spotted have to do with the
location of printers, which we have said are outside the scope of the IPP
protocol. On the other hand, we are supposed to define a Directory Schema,
which ought to provide these things as attributes, if we want to claim that
we have met the requirements in the scenarios. Seems we still have some
work to do on the Directory attributes (and indirectly on the Printer



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