IPP> Re: Timing for delivery of drafts for IESG review

IPP> Re: Timing for delivery of drafts for IESG review

IPP> Re: Timing for delivery of drafts for IESG review

Keith Moore moore at cs.utk.edu
Wed Oct 8 15:47:47 EDT 1997


Please see the following suggestion for time table from Keith Moore.

The bottom line is that we need to have the I-Ds to the IESG by the first
week of November, if we want to have them through this year.  Can we do
that, considering that we still need to have our own WG last call, which
takes 2 weeks and a bit?



> My question to you is about timing to get our documents in your and the
> IESG's hands in time to get the project closed up this year. What is the
> meeting schedule for the next IESG meeting? How long do you expect the IESG
> review process to take? Hence, by which date do you need to get our final
> I-D texts in order to get this done in 1997?

It takes a month at a minimum to get standards-track documents 
through the IESG.  Before IESG votes on the documents there will be 
a two week IETF-wide Last Call, after which the documents will be
placed on the IESG agenda.  Any Last Calls that are issued within
two weeks prior to an IETF meeting will be extended to last until 
two weeks *after* that meeting.  IESG normally meets every two 
weeks, but the documents have to be on the agenda for at least a 
week before we vote on them.  However, the IESG meeting schedule, 
and therefore processing of standards-track documents, will be 
disrupted by the IETF meeting in December, and possibly by the 
US Thanksgiving holiday. 

Bottom line: I'd try to get them in by the first week in November,
or the second week at the latest.  That should give ample time to 
get the Last Call completed two weeks before the IETF meeting, which 
would allow the IESG to ballot the document in December.  And if it 
turns out that minor revisions are needed after Last Call, there's 
at least some possibility of getting them turned around before the 
end of the year.

There's no hard and fast rule, but the later we creep into November
the more likely we are to push the Last Call into late December,
which will then push the IESG ballot into January.


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