IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971015

IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971015

IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971015

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Oct 15 18:31:43 EDT 1997

Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971015

Attending: Carl-Uno Manros
           Steve Zilles
           Tom Hastings
           Scott Isaacson
           Bob Herriot
           Ron Bergman
           Randy Turner
           Ira Mcdonald
           Patrick Powell

- Review and comments on proposed solutions and text to meet the IETF I18N

Long and intensive discussion covering how many different sources you might
have for languages and how much flexibility is required in one
request/response as well as associated with one printer or job object. One
of the major objectives was not to complicate the protocol encoding too
much. A solution was schetched up. It will be further refined and
documented by Tom, Bob and Ira to go out on the DL early next week.

- How do we handle the definition of the application/ipp specification?

Considering that we have now simplified some of the I18N solution, the
specification of the application/ipp text should be fairly straight
forward. Ira will update his earlier draft for inclusion as Appendix in the
Model document.
- What do we do with the auto-sensing feature (see comments from Ned Freed)?

The agreement was that the combination of a MIME type octet string document
in combination with the Fidelity attribute set to FALSE, would indicate
that the server would be allowed to try auto-sensing, if implemented. No
new MIME type is required with this solution, and no new attribute will be
added. Tom to check out and update the text if needed.

- Comments on Don's revised Requirements draft.

No comments at this stage on Don's latest draft circulated a couple of days
ago. Instruct Don to pass the document on to the IETF ASAP. In worst case
we can issue yet another draft later.

- Stand of the Model & Semantics document?

Scott has just circulated another intermediate draft for comments. He
expects to do further tidying up of references etc., while waiting for the
latest home work assignments to arrive. Steve has an outstanding home work
assignment on describing relationships between different sets of attributes
etc. Scott will need at least another week before being ready to send the
Model document out as new I-D. Plesase read latest draft and give comments.

- Stand of the Rationale document?

Steve is still working on this. Expect to have the new draft out to the DL
early next week.

- Can we keep the schedule outlined in last week's phone conference?

We are already delayed, the risk that we will not get ready this year is
now relatively high, but we should try to keep up the speed. New objective
is to have all texts ready and sent to the IETF to start the WG last call
at the very latest before our next face-to-face meeting on October 29.

Next phone conference is next Wednesday as usual. I have a scheduling
problem next week and may not be able to attend.


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