IPP> Use of SSL3 Framing????

IPP> Use of SSL3 Framing????

IPP> Use of SSL3 Framing????

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Thu Nov 6 16:27:20 EST 1997

>>> "Xavier D. Riley" <xriley at cp10.es.xerox.com> 11/06 9:53 AM >>>

> I would speculate that most SSL3 web server implementations don't support
> configuring the Cipher Suite to be SSL_NULL_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL.

Good point, however I am very interested in why you "speculate" that?
Tried it and it didn't work?  Gut feel?  The product documentation says so? 
Which web servers?   


My vote (today) is to keep secure and non-secure entries separate for 
IPP 1.0 and when TLS is approved and deployed in existing off the shelf 
web servers, we specify the use of it in a later version of IPP.  I will 
hold my final vote until I read the document you plan to release this week.

The advertisement of non-secure and secure IPP print systems can occur
the IPP specification by the simple use of a Web page or LDAP server
both print system URLs. I would venture to say that most implementations
either be configured to be non-secure or secure, not both.

Non-Secure IPP Print Systems = No Authentication
                               Basic Authentication
                               Digest Access Authentication.

Secure IPP Print Systems = Channel level security (i.e. SSL3)

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