IPP> Security proposal

IPP> Security proposal

IPP> Security proposal

Scott Lawrence lawrence at agranat.com
Mon Nov 10 09:48:56 EST 1997

>>>>> "RT" == Randy Turner <rturner at sharplabs.com> writes:

RT> Currently, I don't know of any way an HTTP client has to direct an
RT> HTTP server to make a particular connection secure, and IPP needs
RT> either end to indicate this requirement.

  If you're using 'secure' as 'confidential', then the client requests
  that protection by making the connection on the SSL port (https:),
  and indicates that it does not require confidentiality by making the
  request on a non-SSL port.

  The service (the printer or print server) probably cares more about
  authentication than confidentiality for IPP, and it can get that on
  a connection that is either confidentiality protected or not using
  Digest Access Authentication.

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